Floor Mopping Robot
Floor Mopping Robot
Floor Mopping Robot
Floor Mopping Robot
Floor Mopping Robot

Floor Mopping Robot

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Harsh on stains - gentle on floors!

The all-new Tidal Power cleaning system cleans stubborn stains thoroughly while protecting floors. 

Moisten - it dampens the floor with clean water to loosen stubborn stains. 
Scrub - an ultra fine fiber roller washes the floor with gentle scrubs at a high frequency. 
Suction - superior suction removes dirty water. Switch to Max mode for stronger power. 
Scrape - scraper wipes off the residue, leaving the floor spotless. 

    Separated compartments for clean and dirty water with individual inlet and outlet to ensure cleaning efficiency. 

    4 cleaning modes for different needs 

    1. path mode - cover a large area methodically to avoid redoing or skipping an area 
    2. area mode - clean a designated area in front of the robot along a systematic path
    3. spot mode - deep clean with increased suction in a spiral pattern. Suitable for areas with concentrated stains. 
    4. edge mode - clean along edges of the wall and clean corners. 

    OBS All-Terrain Detection System

    w400 has a whole set of terrain detection sensors, allowing it to complete cleaning tasks  autonomously.

    Anti Collision - 9 sets of OBS detectors in the front of the robot detect and locate obstacles, preventing w400 from crashing into them. 

    Anti-fall - 3 sets of detectors on the base prevent w400 from  falling down steps or from height. 

    Two year warranty for all EU countries, one year warranty for all others. 

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